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~*~Slight bullying and bad words, but, come on, its supernatural~*~

Maybe you might have turned too quickly, seeing as though you ran into one of the people you DIDN'T want to run into.

"I-I'm sorry!" You cried, scrambling to your feet.

The boy in front of you growled, grabbing you by your shoulders and shaking you harshly, "what was that, bitch?"

Gulping down a little fear, you spoke, "I-I...I didn't mean to..."

The boy then rammed you into the locker to your side.

Letting out a loud yelp, he tightened his grip, "you're crazy, mad, worthless, ugly, and a stupid brat!"

Ramming you into the lockers again and drawing his fist back he went to spit his words onto your face, "you should just kill yo-"

Shutting your eyes tightly, waiting for impact, he was cut of.

"Hey-hey, dude, she's not worth it..."

You opened your eyes in fear as the bully dropped you, making you crash into the ground.

Too afraid to look up the new voice continued, "someone might have snitched, the principal might be on his way here..."

The boy who had thrown you around only glared at the teen before turning to you and crouching down, getting really close to you.

"You wont be so lucky next time, whore."

He then drew his hand back, jerking your head to the side as his hand made contact with your cheek.

You nearly let out a sob as he got up and left.

Bringing your hands to your face, you broke down, your salty tears falling over your now swollen cheek.

You heard the boys hesitant foot steps as he advanced towards you, crouching down to you.

"G-Go a-away," you whimpered, opening your eyes and looking to him.

He seemed a bit distant at first, his eyes staring into your swollen ones.

You continued to cry, waiting for his reply as he looked you over, your sleeves bunching up and showing your fresh scars and bloodied bandages.

"I-I s-s-said go aw-"

You were caught off guard as he brought you into his chest.

Not even attempting to pull away, you latched onto him tightly, your hands griping his leather jacket and crying into his chest.

His hands went up to your bag and tugged you closer, his cheek resting on your head.

"It's...It's alright..." He sounded distant, his voice slightly shaken, "you''re gonna get through this."

His voice shook again, and by then you knew that he was crying as well.

You only clung to him more, your arms now wrapping around his waist tightly.

He only laughed dryly though, waiting for you to calm down a bit before speaking, "you know...He's wrong."

He moved against the locker, you moving with him.

Cautiously, you looked up, your glossy (e/c) eyes looking up at his.

"You're beautiful."

Your eyes soon began to water again, your lips slowly turning into a smile and you buried your face into his chest again, your tears falling freely.

He rubbed your back soothingly before running his fingers through your hair as be began naming of the things he liked about you, only making you cry harder.

"You're beautifully colored eyes, the way your hair shines in the sunlight, and your smile...Even if you've only showed me it..."

Your crying had ceased by then, your gracious smile plastered on your lips.

"My name's Dean."


He gave you a small smile before looking away.

"You think it'd be ok...If I..."

Before he could finish you grabbed his face shakily, turning it to face you before nodding reluctantly.

He then closed his eyes before opening them and crashing his lips to yours.

It was a bit short, but he knew that this was your first kiss, and doing anything other then that would just complicate things.

He then pulled away and looked at you, your cheeks flushed and your eyes still closed.

Oh how he wanted to kiss your soft plump lips, to hold you again, but he couldn't.

"Do you have a phone?"


"Give me your number."


Dean handed you his phone and you quickly dialed it,  saving it into his contacts.


"I have to go now, ________, i'll....I'll see you around."

You nodded and he pressed his lips to yours again.

"Don't...Don't forget what I told you, ok?"

You nodded again before he helped you up, then holding your wrists to his lips and kissing them delicately.

"Don't do this anymore either, because...Because I love you."

You froze when he said those words, his eyes watering a bit before he shook his head and dropped your arms, practically running to the school exit and looking at his wrist watch, muttering a quiet 'shit.'

You had a weird feeling to follow him, so you did, grabbing your stuff off the ground and walking to the school doors and looking outside.

A young boy was waiting in a black Impala, looking away from the scene with his hands over his ears and his eyes shut tightly.

"Boy, I thought I told you to be here at 9 o'clock sharp! It's nearly 9:15!" An older man shouted at Dean before grabbing the collar of his jacket tightly and bringing him closer.

"When we get to the next motel, you better tell me what the fuck took so long, or god help me..."

The man glared at Dean and let go of him quickly, pushing him away harshly before barking, "get in the car!"

The man went to the driver's side and got in, Dean only muttered a quiet, "i'm sorry dad," and got in the car.

He looked back to the school, only to notice your (h/c) hair disappearing from the small window.

"See you around..._______" He whispered, resting his head on the window of the car.

~*~ Extended ending ~*~

Years had past since then, you had been to college, passed, gotten successful.

Still, you couldn't get that first kiss out of your head, and held it dearly to you.

Sitting at your desk in your big office, you typed quickly, yawning lightly, he never did call you.

Sending the document to a fellow employee, your phone rang, picking up quickly you said a quite "hello."


Your eyes widen, your heart beat quickening, your mouth slightly open.

You stayed quiet for awhile, closing your eyes and letting a few tears fall before smiling lightly, "Dean..."
I know I said i'd do it in order, but I feel bad, so, nyeh.
This was from the 100 watcher free x reader thing XD
I know that :iconshadowcatprime: said she wanted a Dean x reader, and for no one to die, so I hope it was ok that I did a teen!reader insert thingy XD
anyways, I don't own anything, and I hope you all enjoy this! c:
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This passage it's originally from twilight ._.
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