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July 31, 2013
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The tears slipped down your face as you stared at the grave stone by your feet.

The sky seemed to agree with you as the rain poured on your body.

Your hand laid on the top of the grave stone as you fell on your knees, wrapping your arms around the cold, big stone.

You snuggled into the ruff surface, scratching your face lightly.

You let a sob out, the mud rubbing on the bottom of your dress and onto your bare skin, the mud sticking to your shoes.

Your hands traced him name, 'Makoto Tachibana.'

You sobbed again, then looked up at the sky, screaming.

"WHY?!" You chocked out, putting your hands into fists and hitting the muddy grass, sniffling loudly.

You looked back at the grave stone, "why Makoto..."

Your lip quivered, the rain starting the pour harder, and you pressed your lips together, getting tired of crying.

The tears still fell, and you closed your eyes, putting your hands on the grass from your sides.

The images flashed in your mind.

The blaring of a horn, the screeching of the tires and the sharp turn.

"I love you, _________, don't you ever forget that..."

It was like he knew he couldn't stop it, like he was accepting it.

You were confused, and you stared at him as he let go of the wheel and kissed you passionately, for the last, and first time.

You almost immediately jerked forward, his lips still pressed harshly on yours.

"I love you so, so very much _________. I love you. I love you. I love you."

He held your hands weakly, the car skidding and flipping upside down.

The windshield cut into your skin, your belt leaving a mark as you hanged upside down.

You let out a pained scream, and turned to Makoto.

His face was cut up, and his eyes were starting to lose the bright light they usually held.

"M-Makoto..." You coughed out, a tear slipping.

His eyes flickered to you, and gave you a small smile, he showed no fear.

"I-I.." He tried to talk, that's when you noticed, the piece of glass lodged threw his throat.

You let out a whimper, the tears falling from you face.

You shushed him, and squeezed his hand tightly.

"I love you too, Makoto. I've always loved you." You paused, "please don't leave me, Makoto..."

You started crying more, the blaring sound of sirens reaching your ears.

He kept smiling, weakly gripping your hand back, "S-So-Sorr-rr-yy..."

His eyes started to close slowly, blood gushing from his throat as he tried speaking.

"S-See-eee yo-yo-you l-l-lat-later..."

His eyes finally closed, and you tried shaking his hand, yelling, screaming, but he just wouldn't open his eyes.

Your eyes widen, and you finally comprehended what was going on.

And then you remembered what he told you when you first met.

You had said goodbye to him, and he shook his head, grabbing your hands, and looking into your sweet (e/c) eyes.

'I don't like that, say see you later! It means that we'll see each other again, it's like a little promise!'

He smiled happily.

You missed him already...

You got out of your trance as the water stopped pouring on you.

You looked up at the sky, noticing the umbrella.

You scowled, looking at the man holding it.

"You're going to get a cold..."

It was Haruka.

You whimpered, your vision still blurry.

The tears still fell from your face as you stood up.

He looked at you plainly, but you could see the pain behind his blue eyes.

You pressed your lips together before tightly wrapping your arms around Haruka.


He looked down at you, his arms wrapping around your small frame.

"You know he loves you...right..."

Loves...Not loved...

You nodded into his chest.

He kept the umbrella over your heads and he used his other hand to pet your head lightly, his fingers combing your hair.

You held onto him more, "big brother..."

He tightened his grip on you, "sh..."

You held onto your brother, starting to cry again.

He stayed standing, holding you and swaying lightly.

"He doesn't want this, you know...He doesn't want you crying like this..."

You sniffled and just continued sobbing.


He grabbed you roughly by your shoulders and shook you, "just stop already."

His eyes were glossy, his eyes watering.

"Big brother..."

He dropped the umbrella, hugging you tightly, "he was my friend too, _________!"

He starting crying, resting his head on your shoulder, "he was my friend too..."

He whimpered, and you held his body, your body shaking.

He shook with you, and grasped your hands, lacing his fingers with yours.

"____________, please, lets just go home, please..."

You looked down at Haruka, your face emotionless as the tears slipped down your face.

You stayed silent, and he kept your body close to him.

"No..." You finally breathed out, and he took a sharp breath in.

"I don't want to leave him alone either, but we need to...________..."

You pushed him away roughly, looking at him bitterly, "I CAN'T LEAVE HIM!"

You wiped your tears away, screaming, "You didn't watch him get zipped up in a body bag, Haruka! You didn't watch as they ripped your hand from his! You didn't watch as they tried to bring him back! You didn't get to hear them say he wasn't coming back...Haruka..."

You sobbed again, your knees getting weak, falling again.

A pair of arms grabbed your form, and you looked to Haruka, he was getting the umbrella.

Your breathing hitched, and you looked up, greeted with wet burgundy hair.

He picked you up, bringing you into his chest.

"Just shut up and cry." He said, simply, holding you tightly.

You didn't resist, your hands gripping at his soaked shirt.

He quickly picked you up, walking back to your house.

Haruka followed silently, holding onto one of your hands as your other hand gripped Rin's shirt.

You didn't protest, letting Rin walk up the stairs of your house.

Rin placed you in the bath tub, "take a bath, you probably already caught a cold, moron."

He gave you a sour face, before it softened and he placed his hand on your face, kissing your head softly.

"Don't beat yourself up...You didn't kill him..."

He patted your head and pushed pass Haruka, leaving.

Haruka walked in, starting the bath and hugging you to his chest lightly.

"Please, just don't do anything stupid..."

He looked at you, knowing what you were going to do.

"Please, __________, don't you dare leave without me..."

He petted your head, closing his eyes.

"Please don't make me...Please..."

You nodded slightly, and he took your hands, "tell me you wont."

You looked at him, your eyes dull, "I wont..."

He nodded, and he dropped your hands, stopping the water.

"I'm not going to leave you..."

He put your hands in the water, and scrubbed the dirt off.

You stayed silent as he cleaned off the dirt from your skin, and washing your matted hair.

He got you out and dried you off, getting you into another pair of clothing.

"Come on..."

He took your hand and to the kitchen, "you got to eat."

You snarled, "I don't want to!"

He set you down, "if you don't eat now, I know you wont eat later, so your gonna eat!"

He was probably right, so you stayed quite.

He made some food, and practically forced you to eat it, then put you in bed, sitting at one of the chairs in your room and holding your hand till you fell asleep.

He started drifting off as well, before looking out into the dark night sky, the stars shinning brightly, one standing out.

He let go of your hand, walking to your window, staring at it.

He let out a cold chuckle before pulling out a small piece of paper from his back pocket.

'Take care of her for me. - T.M.' was written poorly on it.

He could only smile down at it, before looking back at the sky.

He heard you shift behind him, but he stayed, staring.

You got up, drowsily walking to him.

You wrapped your arms around his toned one.

"I promise..." He whispered, ever so lightly, you barely catching his words.

"What?" You looked up at him, confused.

He turned to you, giving you a small smile, "it's going to be ok..."

He grasped one of your hands, "he's in the arms of the angels...Waiting for us..."

You looked at him, wide eyed, Haruka didn't believe in angels. He didn't believe in god. He didn't really believe in anything...

"So, just be patient until then, _________. I know its hard at the end of the day. Your heart may never be the same, but just know that he's safe, where he's at. This world is cold, and cruel, but he's some where warm, and peaceful."

You smiled sadly, and nodded, a tear slipping from your face.

He kissed your forehead, gave you a quick hug, then walked out, leaving you alone.

You stood where he was, staring out into the sky.

You caught notice of a big bright shinning star, and smiled lightly, another tear escaping from your eyes.

Your hand reached for the small pendant of a whale before squeezing it tightly, "i'll always love you, Makoto Tachibana..."

The star seemed to shine brighter, and your smile widened.

You walked back to your bed, slipping in it lightly and laying your head on your pillow.

You gripped the necklace over your heart before your eyes began to feel heavy, "you'll always be with me..."

You drifted into a peaceful sleep, unaware of the presence sitting on your windowsill, smiling happily at you.

His words seemed to linger in the air, "I know, _________."

He chuckled lightly, kicking his legs as he smiled, "I knew you would't forget that..."
Oh dear god, not gonna lie, cried at one point while writing this.
._. ((more likely the song than my writing ))
Anyways, I own nothing :)

((the ending sucks ._.))
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I am honestly sobbing. I haven't really cried at a fanfic, cried THIS much, at least, since about two months ago. I just.... I felt the raw emotion in this and it just struck. Straight through my mind and into my heart. Applause for decade!
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It was reallt a good story!
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