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September 15, 2013
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Laying down on the soft bed, you groaned, feeling the pain on your lower back.

Hearing the door to the infirmary open and close, you opened your eyes, and turned your head to look at door way.

The small smile played on your lips, "E-Eren..."

"You shouldn't talk, __________, you're hurt."

Your smile could only widen, bringing your hand up to caress his face as he sat down next to you.

He closed his eyes, placing his hands over the one that was touching his cheek, then nuzzling it.

"I have to change your bandages."

You then nodded, Eren bringing his hand to your forehead, then frowning, "you're burning up too..."

He helped you get up, making sure to be careful of your back.

You winced slightly, taking in a sharp breath as he began unwrapping the fabric from your torso.

He nearly growled when he was done, throwing aside the bloodied bandages and looking over the long gash along your back.

He then brought his hand to your shoulder, kneading it lightly to relax you a bit, "don't be so stiff."

"It hurts."

Eren stayed silent, but gritted his teeth.

He then grabbed the new bandages from his pocket and began wrapping you carefully.

A few minutes later he laid you back down, but this time on your stomach.

"it'll hurt more if you put pressure on it."

"But I cant fall asleep on my stomach."

He then sighed and went to the door, "i'm going to get you a wet towel for your fever."

You nodded at him and he left, only to return a few minutes later with a bucket of cold water and a small towel.

He walked over to you and set down the bucket, putting the towel in it the wringing it and placing it on your forehead.

He then smiled lightly, "alright, try and get some rest."

He then went for the door.

"You're a horrible nurse, Eren."

You let out a dry laugh and he spun around, "I am not!"

You then nodded, "you forgot one thing..."

He walked over to you briskly and he took a hold of one of your hands in his, "what, what did I miss?!"

You then looked up and smiled, "you forgot to kiss it better."

His panic faded quickly and his face fell before he removed the towel on your forehead and kissed it gingerly.

You smiled brightly and giggled.

He then kissed your lips quickly and scurried off away before you could say anything else, leaving you and your thoughts to yourself
Its so fluffy and cute to me :3
anyways, hope ya'll enjoyed, I only own the writing :3
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